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Accordion: Your Certified NetSuite Alliance Partner

NetSuite is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that provides companies with integrated, automated applications to track and analyze critical financial and corporate performance data in real-time. Curious about NetSuite? We can help you unlock its full potential.

At Accordion, our team of certified NetSuite consultants has been trusted by countless companies (across various industries) because of our process-driven, accounting-centric approach to NetSuite implementation. In other words, we’re not just technologists; we’re functional experts with backgrounds in accounting – which means we’ve sat in your seat and know what it’s like to be the end-user. Specifically, our consultants have expertise across a range of areas, including: Design-to-Build, Procure-to-Pay, Record-to-Report, Order-to-Cash, E-Commerce, and more. Specializing in high-growth environments, we’ll help you leverage NetSuite to drive value creation.


At Accordion, we can provide end-to-end NetSuite support—from planning and design through deployment and user training—but the full range of services are not always necessary. If your Finance team has already implemented NetSuite but you need help optimizing it, Accordion’s NetSuite Health Check is right for you.

HOW IT WORKS: We’ll start with a comprehensive functional and technical review of current state configurations, customizations, integrations, and reporting capabilities. From there, we’ll identify system errors or gaps, and recommend opportunities for improvement – ultimately creating a roadmap to an optimized future state.


How We Help

  • Get a Full View of Your Business

    We help your business gain a real-time, 360 view of your operations through efficient integrations between NetSuite and other essential enterprise applications.

  • Automate Manual Business Processes

    We don’t implement technology for technology’s sake. Using our process-driven approach, we evaluate end-to-end business processes and help you work smarter, not harder.

  • Harness Your Growth Potential

    When you learn to use NetSuite’s integrated set of applications effectively, your growth opportunities are endless. We work with your company, setting you up for success.

Our process-driven & accounting-centric approach

How We Leverage the Power of NetSuite to Expand & Accelerate Your Business

  • Plan & Design

    Our experienced team will work with you to create and finalize a detailed project plan that will maximize your NetSuite efforts. We will conduct a detailed review of your existing processes, and identify custom elements to implement into your plan. During this stage, we will provide all the information that your business needs for enhanced technical design and development.

  • Build & Iterate

    Our team will configure all functional elements identified in your project plan. Our team will also build your custom technical elements in NetSuite, while establishing and validating proof of concepts on all of our design elements. At the end of this stage, we deliver fully configured NetSuite ERP functionality, CRM modules, and system integration builds for your company.

  • Test, Plan & Execute

    After building your custom elements, we will make sure the software is ready for use. Our team will conduct testing on your system, establishing that our solution satisfies functional and technical requirements outlined in your plan. We conduct a unit test of all functional design elements, a system and integration test of all data feeds in/out of NetSuite, and deliver detailed test scripts with test cases linked to specific items.

  • Train & Deploy

    Following our testing and execution, we provide user training for the business and functional users of NetSuite. This is done either on-site in a “classroom” style setting or via web-based approach, designed to educate your employees on the new processes implemented.

Featured Case Study

When a healthcare technology company’s initial NetSuite implementation went awry, they needed help reconfiguring the system to maximize functionality and provide automation – and they turned to Accordion.

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Meet (Some of) Accordion's NetSuite Experts

John Moser
John Moser
Managing Director

John is a Managing Director and the Head of Accordion’s NetSuite Team within the CFO Technology Practice. In addition to his leadership responsibilities, he works directly with senior executives in identifying, framing, socializing, establishing, and executing business improvement programs involving the deployment of cloud-based enterprise applications.   Read more

Eric Park
Eric Park
Managing Director

Eric is a Managing Director on Accordion’s NetSuite Team within the CFO Technology Practice. He has more than a decade of financial accounting, system implementation, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformation experience, and he specializes in cloud-based technology architecture, business process optimization, and ERP system evaluations.  Read more

Joe Son
Joe Son
Managing Director

Joe is a Managing Director on Accordion’s NetSuite Team within the CFO Technology Practice. He has nearly two decades of NetSuite implementation and customization experience for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small LLCs.   Read more

The Accordion Approach to NetSuite


Our team will design scalable NetSuite solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness for your business.


Our developers can integrate any application with NetSuite to enhance your business.


We provide tailored and custom NetSuite solutions designed to extend and enhance your application.


We provide intensive NetSuite training to our clients, designed to help your team become a group of effective NetSuite users.


Through customizing your environment, we improve the performance, process and usability of your application.


We provide remote and onsite support for our clients, helping you maintain your NetSuite application.

Ready to Scale Your Business With NetSuite?

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