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Bankruptcy Advisory

Drive with Strategy

We help develop and implement Plans of Reorganization, and Turnaround Plans that are rooted in transforming business performance and/or value creation to stakeholders post-bankruptcy.

Keep the Wheels Rolling

We work with management and constituents to help manage cash and working capital throughout the process, including obtaining DIP financing, use of cash collateral, and exit financing when required to ensure current operations are adequately funded throughout the process.

Manage the Process

We work with management, stakeholders, and counsel to prepare, execute, and manage the filing, including development of first day motions, schedules, statements of financial affairs, monthly operating reports,, disclosure statements, valuations and other bankruptcy reporting required by the Court and the United States Trustee.

Success is in the Details

We will help manage communications with employees, vendors, and customers throughout the process and help minimize any impacts to business operations. We also help address complex matters including claims, leases, executory contracts, labor agreements, asset sales, and auctions. Lastly, we provide advisory services and testimony in contested hearings, avoidance actions, adversary proceedings and related litigation, post-confirmation disputes, and other bankruptcy-related litigation.

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