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Financial Services

The Rule of Threes

As with so many things in life, transformation tends to come in threes. First, with respect to the financial services space, there is the rise of FinTech – digital innovation is changing the operating model and creating entirely new sub-categories of products, services, and currencies. Second, there is the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Finally, broader macro-economic headwinds serve to heavily impact the financial services sector, where economic fortunes are interwoven with global market conditions.

While many insurance, credit card, lending and payment processing companies struggle to adapt to these new market dynamics, private equity has excelled at leveraging them for profitable returns. Fund sponsors can harness finance sector disruption to drive meaningful company transformation via cost optimization, value creation, and process enhancement. And we can help….

Where We Play

At Accordion, we too have a rule of threes, which we employ in all financial services engagements: 1. Understand the market dynamics in which our financial services clients operate. 2. Provide advisory services around the enhanced analytics, reporting compliance, and merger support most relevant to clients (and most important to their institutional owners). 3. Execute, execute, execute.

Ayla Queiroga

The financial service industry has been rapidly overtaken and changing by the vast integration of technology. As technology continues to integrate deeper into consumers lives at an increased pace, the industry will need to adapt quickly to keep their bottom lines strong.”

Ayla Queiroga
Managing Director, Accordion
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