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Corporate Development/M&A Execution Support

A Done Deal

Your deal team has invested a significant amount of time and money closing a platform deal with an anticipated add-on strategy. You’re eager to execute against that strategy, and want to drive toward successful deal outcomes, but at the same time, you don’t want to distract your deal team or company management from doing their day jobs. So who you gonna call? Well, assuming Spengler and Venkman are tied up – it should probably be us. At Accordion, we focus on the full spectrum of M&A execution: from financial modeling, valuation and analytical support to serving in a bolt-on corporate development capacity. From quarterbacking current deals to developing playbooks and best practices for a robust acquisition strategy, from the fund level to the portfolio level, from platforms to add-ons to carve outs, “no job is too small, no fee is too big.”

The Accordion Approach to M&A Execution Support

The Quant Stuff

That’s our bread and butter. At Accordion, we support quantitative analysis – evaluating potential transactions by developing financial models capable of running scenarios with any combination of acquisitions, different capital structures, various operating and economic scenarios, and by performing any necessary ancillary analyses. We also quarterback the due diligence process: vetting data room materials, proposing additional data requests and maintaining an ongoing inventory of materials.

The Deal Shepherds

A transaction is the sum of a million moving parts. From structuring and negotiating, to managing the many parts and parties to a deal, Accordion helps shepherd a transaction to close. That means maintaining the deliverable discipline of all reverent third parties (law firms, financing sources, financial advisors, due diligence consultants etc.), while ensuring an adherence to transaction timelines.

Talking the Talk

Communication, they say, is at the core of any good relationship and there are dozens of relationships at play per any single transaction: between buyer and seller, between functional departments within the deal and business teams, between deal team and management, etc. Accordion not only facilitates communication between the critical stakeholders, but provides a communication process for the cadence and manner of presenting transaction updates and progress.

Walking the Walk

Getting it done is what we do. We’re deal professionals who hail from every facet of (and party to) the transaction: private equity, management, investment banking, etc. We’re an encyclopedia of best practices and processes on deal execution support – and we’re more. We’re effective advisors not only to this deal but to hypothetical future ones, providing clients with corporate development playbooks for future acquisition activity.

Sanjeev Parlikar

With M&A increasingly utilized as a value driver for PE-backed companies, the team’s ability to execute a disciplined, thoughtful, and timely transaction process is a key success factor.”

Sanjeev Parlikar
Managing Director, Head of Strategic Finance, Accordion
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