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FP&A Best Practices Implementation

Building a Superior FP&A Function

From organizational design to process redesign and technology-driven enhancement, Accordion helps implement best practices to meet the pace and rigor required in a PE-backed environment.


We design efficient processes and drive continuous improvement in planning cycles to empower FP&A team members to spend less time producing reports and more time generating analysis and insight. Here’s how:

Assess the Function

With a focus on people, processes, and technology, we conduct FP&A function assessments to find ‘quick wins’ and longer-term, strategic investment areas.

Create a New Standard

We build, implement, and help companies transition to new FP&A processes, tools, calendars, and responsibilities.

Foster Partnerships

We establish partnering relationships and best practices across functions and operations, from sales, revenue, and supply chain management, to product research and development.

Implement Better FP&A Solutions

We partner with FP&A, technology, and operational teams across the business to create more effective solutions for reporting, analyzing, and forecasting.

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