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Cash & Liquidity Forecasting

Implementing Rigorous Cash Flow and Liquidity Forecasts

Accordion has the financial and operational experience to help businesses forecast cash flow and liquidity across multiple operating models.


Cash is king, and never more so than in a highly leveraged or stressed environment.  We manage short-term cash flow, credit compliance issues, and longer-term capital expenditure and hiring investments. Here’s how:

Effective Forecasting

We build rigorous 13-week cash and liquidity forecasts, anticipating upcoming events and avoiding surprises.

Enabling Better Business Decisions

By linking cash and liquidity forecasts with business outlook and debt compliance tracking, we provide stakeholders with the clarity needed for tactical and strategic decision-making.

Driving Organizational Alignment

With weekly process, responsibility, communication, and variance tracking, we create alignment and accountability across the organization.

Enhancing Forecasting Efficiency

We implement efficient processes and enable weekly updates using automated or standardized templates.

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